Finally… I Finally Did It!

I’m sure plenty of you guys know that I’ve been working on a novel for quite some time now. The idea hit me randomly one day and I spent several months thinking on it before I even really got started.

Writing it was a slow process. A few sentences here, a couple of paragraphs there. It took more time than I like to think to even get several chapters written, but I did.

Then, the dreaded middle of the book came.

All those times I saw posts from published authors discussing how difficult the middle of the book can be, but I never truly got it, until I got there.

It’s so strange. The beginning is usually so clear, you know exactly how you want to start out and it just seems to flow. And even the ending can come to you, you know exactly where you want it to end. It’s just a matter of actually getting to that ending. Leading your story and characters to that desired spot.

Oh how frustrating that can be!

But, after trying to get through NanoWriMo I set a goal for myself that I would finish writing my novel before the end of the year. Getting through that one step is huge, and I wanted that under my belt.

And, surprisingly, I managed to write six chapters in one week.

It felt so good, and suddenly I knew that I could do it. That I could set a goal for myself and finish what I’d started.

AND, on December 31st 2015, with just two chapters left, I finished writing the first draft of my novel! What an amazing feeling. Relief flooded through me and I knew. Just knew that I could do this.

So here is to 2016! A new and exciting year to come…


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