Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors


My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

So, this should be a pretty interesting list for me. Because there are some authors that I love, or have loved a series from them, but I don’t know if I’d buy or read everything. There really are only a few that I’d automatically get whatever they wrote, and these ladies are it…


Laini Taylor: First, I think all I can really say is… LAINI TAYLOR! I’ve read every single book she has out and I have loved them all. Her writing style is gorgeous and heart wrenching, and just so full of imagination. I went absolutely nuts when I first read DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE and wanted to read all of her work. I can’t wait for her next book and know that I will want anything she puts out.

Sarah J. Maas: After first reading THRONE OF GLASS and then seeing Sarah on tour for CROWN OF MIDNIGHT, I was absolutely hooked. Her world building is phenomenal and each book has gotten better than the last. Then I finally got to read A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES… and it sealed the deal. I will want to read anything she’s got.

Victoria Schwab: It took a bit longer for me to realize how much I love Victoria’s work. I’d get a book of hers, love it, decide I’d want to read the next one, and then hem and haw about reading it until I finally did and then loved it. Lather, rinse, repeat. I’ve come to realize that I will love anything and everything she writes so I will just automatically get it. By the way, is it February yet (A GATHERING OF SHADOWS ADSOM Book 2)?

Richelle Mead: I read her VAMPIRE ACADEMY books and really enjoyed them, then I started her spin-off series BLOODLINES and absolutely loved them! Now I’d love to read any YA books she’s got and will probably even try some of her other works as well.

Shannon Messenger: I got the chance to meet Shannon before her second KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES came out and she is absolutely adorable. Plus, I love her books. Whether it’s KOTLC or her YA series Sky Fall, her writing is so much fun, her characters come to life on the page, and the entire time I wish I could be in her characters worlds. I’m sure I’ll love anything from her.

Rae Carson: It took me until the second book to really love her FIRE AND THORNS series, and after just reading the description for her newest series THE GOLD SEER TRILOGY, I know I’ll want more. She has an amazing way of not only completely pulling you into her worlds, but also making her characters really relatable.

Marissa Meyer: Anyone who’s read her LUNAR CHRONICLES should know why she’s on this list. Each book has just gotten better and better, and any author who can really delve into a character like LAVANA and make her readers want to know more, is definitely on my list to read anything from.

Leigh Bardugo: Not only is Leigh’s writing fabulous, and her GRISHA world fascinating, but she’s also just such a sweet person. I’ve had to privilege of going to a couple of her book signings, and had the best time there. She’s fun and sweet, and makes delving into her world even more exciting.

Meagan Spooner: THESE BROKEN STARS was probably my favorite book when it released, and I’ve loved each thing I’ve read from her and her co-author Amie. As soon as I heard that she had a solo book, I knew that I had to get it. Meagan is a phenomenal writer and I know she’ll have even greater work as she continues.

Amie Kaufman: First was her series with Meagan, and now I just finished ILLUMINAE that she co-authored with Jay Kristoff and it was FABULOUS!! Anything… and I do mean anything from her will be on my book shelf.


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