Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Authors

67de2-toptentuesday2Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors

This is a difficult one, so I won’t put them in any particular order. But hopefully for anyone who’s kept up with this blog, my list won’t come as too big of a surprise.

Marissa Meyer– From the moment I finished Cinder, I knew that Marissa was going to be one of my favorite authors. I love that she not uses classic fairy tales, but makes them her own using elements of things she loves. And for anyone who’s watched Firefly or Sailor Moon, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Shannon Messenger– Anyone who’s read her Keeper of the Lost Cities series is probably well aware of why she’s on my list. Sophie is probably the one character that I just want to squeeze, and I love the world that Shannon gives us within KoTLC.

Richelle Mead– I loved the Vampire Academy books, but her spin-off series, Bloodlines, is why I put her in my list. Richelle is so good at understanding her characters and putting them in pretty crazy situations, all with just the right sense of humor.

Laini Taylor– Laini has a beautifully lyrical writing style that pulled me in to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. So much so that my sister and I sought out her Middle Grade series, Dreamdark. Everything I read from Laini is so imaginative and full of color. It feels like I’m reading a painting, if that makes any sense, and no world she’s created is exactly the same.

Victoria Schwab– I’m not even sure if I have the right words to describe how much I love her writing. Each book from her is better than the last. Lyrical and just right. I find myself completely immersed in the world she’s created and never want to leave. Her YA and Adult books are so good. You can really tell that she’s writing the book that she wants to read, the book that she really wants.

Cassandra Clare– Cassie has a way with characters and relationships. Whether they are friendships, siblings, romantic, or enemies, Cassie has a way of bringing the most out of them. There were several times I felt as though my heart had been ripped out and stomped on when first starting her books. The complexities of the characters and how they interacted with another drew me in.

Sarah J. Maas– Each book so far in her Throne of glass series has been a build up. We’ve gotten the background of her characters, a good deal of what happened before the start of the series, and what might be in store for the rest. Sarah is a brilliant story teller, able to weave threads and characters quite skillfully. Which is why I can’t wait for her new series, I’ll always want to read something new from her.

Christopher Paolini– Mr. Paolini reignited my love for dragons and fantasy stories with his books. His Inheritance Cycle was an epic journey that he cleverly weaved and brought to life. And hearing a story he told on tour about an afternoon he spent as a teenager at his family’s home, confirmed to me what a fantastical storyteller he is.

Meagan Spooner/Amie Kaufman– These ladies deserve one spot for the series they co-wrote together. The Starbound Series (These Broken Stars and This Shattered World) are the reason why I love Sci-Fi. All of the intrigue and questions mixed in a world that seems very much like our own, with some space travel!

Who are your favorites?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Authors

  1. AFJDKSL I LOVE THIS LIST SO MUCH. Sarah J Maas is one of my all time favourite authors…she can basically do no wrong. xD And I had nooo idea Laini Taylor had a middle grade series. What what what. I’m going to go dig that out ASAP because YES PLEASE. I’ve actually put off her last book in the DoSaB trilogy because I didn’t want it to end. XD (I’m a sad little thing.)
    Here’s my TTT!

  2. Fabulous picks! A lot of these are taking up valued space in my TBR as we speak – I need to finish Laini Taylor’s trilogy, I need to start Maas’s, and I still need to read Victoria Schwab’s latest.

  3. I need to pick the Cinder series back up. I loved what she did with the Cinderella tale. I started Scarlet right after finishing Cinder but didn’t get into it quickly (because Cinder is missing I’m sure), so I put it aside to pick up again at a later date when I could appreciate Scarlet for herself. 🙂 Finishing up a few books and then will hopefully be getting back to that series.

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