Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

10. Schulyer Van Alen and Jack Force (From the Blue Bloods series: I really enjoyed how Melissa brought out their relationship, and how hard they had to fight to stay together.)

9. Nora and Patch (Hush,Hush: I would definitely like to see how they are faring and if Patch is able to keep from lying to Nora.)

8. Eragon and Aria (The Inheritance Cycle: Christopher Paolini left so many things up in the air, I’d really like to see how things are working out, especially with Eragon and if he’s able to see Aria.)

7. Helen and Lucas (Starcrossed Series: I would like to know how they are doing and if Lucas’ favor has come in to play.)

6. Kate and Vincent (Revenants: I just love these two! And some pretty crazy things happened at the end of this series. I would love to see how they are handling them and how Kate is enjoying her new life.)

5. Sydney and Adrian (Bloodlines: Hopefully this is pretty obvious.)

4. Tucker and Clara (Unearthly: I absolutely loved these two. They’re relationship was adorable and I rooted for them throughout the series. I hope they are happy and in love!)

3. Akiva and Karou (Daughter of Smoke and Bone series: Again, I hope this one is obvious. Especially after the end of the last book! I just want them to be TOGETHER.)

2. Violet and Lincoln (Embrace series: These two broke my heart so much, goodness the angst. I hope they’re connection and love for one another is just as strong as ever and that they are fighting just as hard as before.)

1. Ellie and Will (Angelfire: I don’t even have words for these two and that ending! I just… I would like to see anything about these two and to know how they are doing. Ellie and Will deserved a happily ever after in my book.


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