The Very Idea

One of my favorite things about writing is… that idea.

I love when that one idea, the perfect inspiration, strikes you and suddenly you have to work it out. Whether it’s just something small like finding a creepy old tree on your travels, or something you saw on TV that makes you wonder, anything that gets your creative ideas flowing and asking that one question… what if?

It’s that possibility for something.

The excitement of a new venture.

For me, it usually takes some time before my ideas usually form into exactly what I want. I think on them for a few weeks, sometimes longer, let them marinate for a while. I go back and forth over how things could work out with that one spark. Who is the character this is happening to? Male or female? How old are they? What type of world do they live in?

Once I work out the basic ideas, then I start integrating the one that sparked everything.

Now, I don’t plot out everything single little detail, that’s just too much. I do, however, go through the process of figuring out how I want the overall story to end. From there I figure out the basics of how my character will get there.

I’m sure all of this might sound easy, but it takes lots of planning and many discussions with my sister before I start to get anywhere. Talking my ideas out with her is the reason why I haven’t scrapped more, but especially the one I’m drafting now. She’s my sounding board and offers the little things that I might not think of.

I love coming up with such elaborate worlds and creating scenarios for my characters, discovering what they are made of and how far they are willing to go. It lets me know that this is something I can do.

But, as I said, the best part, the part that makes it all worth it is that initial thing.

The spark.

The idea.


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