The Frustration with Drafting

I’ve been writing for about six years now, off and on and just for fun for the most part. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I really decided to try and get my work published. I’d considered several options, including going the self-publishing route, but soon decided that wasn’t for me.

So, here I am, reading as much as I can in the YA genre that I love and working on my own manuscript.

It’s fun, exciting, and also… frustrating.

Working with my sister, we finally figured out what works best for me at least in preparation for a story. I’m not an outlining person. I try, but it’s just to closed in for me. I can’t just start with an idea and start writing either, I need background and a basic plan. In fact, we took a few hours one day and plotted out the basics of the rest of my story idea. It was great and I felt so good about it.

These characters are already so much a part of me, I can’t wait to tell their story.

The frustrating part, for me, is that I feel like I’m making progress., I’ve done some really good writing that day… and then I look at the word count.

Have you ever done that? Felt like you’ve written so much, it must be at least a thousand to two thousand words, and then you look only to realize that it’s maybe two hundred. That can be really discouraging. Especially if you have everything all ready set in your head and you can’t wait to get to a certain part. You can feel like your not really getting anywhere and should probably just give up.

I’ve definitely felt like that over and over. I worry that by the time I finish I’ll hardly have a word count worth mentioning or that my idea just won’t pan out and I won’t be able to finish the way I want to.

BUT… I know those are just my insecurities talking. It’s so easy to tear yourself down and see how everything can go wrong, but I don’t want to go there. I’m writing because it’s something that I enjoy. I love creating worlds, bringing my characters to life, and seeing how they’ll grow. I love doing this not only for me, but for others who love it just as much as I do.

I remind myself of those things every time I get discouraged and it helps push me forward. I remind myself that my sister and family believe in me, and that as long as I continue to enjoy what I do I can’t go wrong.

Drafting, finishing, can be discouraging and frustrating, and I’m sure even seasoned published authors go through the same thing. But I’m learning that you have to push past it, continue writing even when you feel like giving up. I want to share my words with all of you, so I’m going to keep pushing.

I hope you will, too.

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