Book Challenge for 2015

This year I’ve decided to do my own book challenge, since I’ve signed up for this particular one the past several years. Welcome to my A Trail of Books Left Behind’s 100+ Books in a Year Challenge.

Basically I’m going to read 100 books in a year, and try for more beyond that. If I can stick to the schedule I’ve got planned for myself, then that may not be a problem. *crosses fingers* We’ll see.

Timeline: It will run from now through December 31st 2015
For the 2015 year I will attempt to read 100+ books.
They will for the most part be YA books. Any other genre’s (such as new adult, romance, historical) will be due to book club picks or other circumstances such as blog tours, etc.
Audiobooks and Novellas will be allowed.
Debuts will be accepted, but are not required.
Most reads will be from my ever growing pile of new buys, but that is not a requirement.
If anyone who joins would like to discuss books for the month a thread, forum, skype session, etc. can be opened and setup by need.
This is meant to be fun. Don’t stress if you don’t meet the goal. It’s just more incentive to try again next year.

If you would like to join me in this challenge, please feel free to comment below or on the CHALLENGES page of this blog and you can add the link to your blog, Goodreads profile, Amazon account, etc. in that section.


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